Life Changes, Decor Changes: Updating Your Bedroom With Right Colors


Who doesn’t get happy after a good night’s sleep? It can affect your mood substantially, and many factors contribute to your quality of sleep. Stress-levels and your exercise schedules are one of the essential factors. The right colours for bedroom, on the other hand is among the crucial and commonly ignored factors that can affect your sleep. Even though there are rules that determine the best colour for a bedroom, you can pick a colour according to your own preference and taste.

  1. Bohemian Bedroom: The pinks, reds, and oranges with an Élitis wallpaper help soften the edges of a bedroom. Due to the accents of Ikat Ogee Design Decorative Cushion Covers on pillows, and rugs that carry the colour scheme throughout the rest of the space, the dramatic hues don’t seem too loud.
  2. Aqua Bedroom: Blue can be a soothing colour and if used in the right way it can give you a lot of positive vibes. Pair the walls with a Madison headboard, the wardrobe and stool, in a Duralee fabric.
  3. Royal Essence: To wake up feeling like a king, the combination of mustard and emerald can be the right choice. Cover the walls with a lighter shade of mustard and keep the emeralds for the borders and linings. Team it up with an emerald coloured headboard and some plants by the window.
  4. Express with dark colours: For the romantic bedroom, colours like olive, deep violet, navy, or charcoal can work wonders. If you are interested in calm and serene bedrooms, you can go with blue-grey, celery tones, or layering of white paint with all white furniture and linens. To make it look complete you can use Chevron Design Decorative Cushion Covers on the pillows that give an intense dark appeal.
  5. Fairy-tale bedroom: For little girls who want the princess appeal in their bedroom, a décor with right colours of white, green and purple will do the trick. To design the bedroom, paint the walls white and use green to paint leaves and flowers. Keeping the purple for the last, use a light shade of purple for upholstery and linings.